Tuesday, July 17, 2012

321 Blast Off!

We had a great time with our outer space theme!  For one of our art projects we made a moon!  We took a paper plate a bubble painted on it with blue liquid paint.

Mix blue liquid water color with water in a small dish.  I love these black dishes that I have collected from the "Smart Ones" meals (I just washed them out and have about 15 on them on hand in my classroom).  Then add some liquid dish soap and you're ready to go.

Use a straw (if you poke a hole in the straw with a safety pin it makes it difficult for the kids to suck up any liquid by mistake) to blow bubbles in the mixture.  You will want to have the kids practice blowing out- but luckily the dish soap isn't toxic.

Hold the paper plate over the dish with curve side facing down.   The kids LOVE this process and the end product looks like a fairly realistic representation of the moon!

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