Sunday, November 25, 2012

ABC Art Part 1

This year I decided to change up my alphabet art projects that I have been doing with my students.  In the past I have done painting projects with the kids, or we've made something that starts with our "letter of the week," but with all the cute projects popping up on pinterest I decided to try something new!  I searched for my favorite ideas, and created a few of my own to turn each letter of the alphabet into something that begins with that letter.  I wanted the letters to be properly oriented so that when the kids hang them (I also have them hanging in my classroom) they were facing the correct way since we're still working on letter identification.  I spent HOURS cutting out each letter for my students this summer using my cricut!  We're only partially through the alphabet, but here's what we've made thus far.......

Aa is for: Alligator 
      The kids painted the letter green and glued on pre-cut triangles and a google eye!

Bb is for: Butterfly!
     First the kids threaded 1/4 of a  pipe cleaner through a pre-punched hole in the top corner of the b as the antenna.  Then we bubble painted the letter with blue bubble paint liquid.  Lastly, the kids painted the body of the butterfly black.

Cc is for: carrot!
     First the kids punched two holes in the top of the letter C and then threaded two green pipe cleaners through the holes.  Then they sponge painted the letter orange.

Dd is for: Dragon!
     First the kids used Do-A-Dots  to paint their letter green.  Then they glued on green triangles that I had pre-cut, a google eye, and red and orange tissue paper (or course the dragon needs to be breathing fire!)

Ee is for: elephant!
     This one is probably my favorite!  We roller painted the letter gray, then the kids had to cut out a half-circle ear and sliver tusk.  They then glued both of their cut pieces onto the letter along with a google eye.

Ff is for: fox!
     We used feathers to paint the fox red.  Then the kids had to cut out a construction paper tail and glue it onto their letter along with some pre-cut triangle ears and a google eye.

Gg is for: giraffe!
     We used do-a-dots again to paint the letter yellow (with orange spots).  Then the kids were given a yellow rectangle that they had to cut into a head for their giraffe.  Next they glued on to head and some pom pom ears.  Then they drew a mouth for their giraffe.

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