Saturday, June 8, 2013

ABC Art Part 2!

Now that it is officially summer break, I am hoping to update this blog a little more with some of the fun things that my students and I created this school year.  Starting with some more of our alphabet art projects. I can't believe it is already time to start cutting out letters for next year's students!

Hh is for Hippo!

First we painted the letter H gray.  Then the kids were given gray rectangles and needed to cut them into two oval for the hippos head.  They cut ears from the gray scraps and toes from a white piece of scrap paper. We glued on some wiggle eyes and used a black marker for the nose. This guy might be my favorite letter we created!

Ii is for Ice Cream!

We painted the letter I brown to be the cone.  Then the kids were able to choose any "flavor" for their scoop and cut it out and glue it on.  Pretty simple.

Jj is for Jelly Fish!

We painted the letter with jell-o (if you've never painted with jell-o you have to try smells delightful as it dries).  To paint with jell-o simply paint the paper with water and pinch some dry jell-o powder to sprinkle it over the paper.  It will stick to the paper as it dries.  Then we cut a half circle for the top of the jelly fish and glued it on.  Next we glued on yarn as tentacles...there is some really fun yarn out there for this part that I fully intend to get my hands on for next year!

Kk is for Kangaroo!

We painted our letter K brown and then the kids were given rectangles to cut into the other parts of the kanagoo.  Then they glued on an eye and drew on a mouth with a marker.  Next year I need to figure out how to add a tail :)

Ll is for Lion!

This one was also quite fun to create.  First we painted the L yellow.  Next we cut and glued on some yellow yarn to be the lions mane.  The final step was to add some wiggle eyes and a mouth!

Mm is for Mouse!

For this letter the children needed to cut two circles from squares for the mouse's ears.  After they glued those on then they glued on the whiskers and wiggle eyes.  

Nn is for Nest!

This project worked on some great fine motor skills.  The children tore a brown piece of construction paper and layered the torn pieces in the v portion of the letter N.  We talked about how sometimes you can find nests in the letters that make up store names outside.  Then the children glued on a die-cut bird (next year we might attempt making our own birds).

Oo is for Owl!

Okay, I really love this guy too!  We painted the letter O gray with sponges.  I pre-cut the feet, the beak, and the ears for the kids.  Then the kids cut their own eyes....which turned out SO cute!

I can't wait to show you the rest of our letters!!

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